North Pines Counseling

Good counsel is what you get at North Pines Counseling

We help people with a variety of problems, with depression, anxiety, marital or family problems and work related being the most common. We also work with less common and un-common issues. After seeing us many people wish they had come in sooner.

Clients feel relief at having a professional to talk with who can confidentially help them with their problems. Life problems become less over-whelming and manageable again. There is hope for constructive life changes. If you’re looking for counseling in Spokane, please contact us.

Dr. Robert Neils

Dr. Rob Neils, 

Clinical Psychologist

Sandi Neils

Sandi Neils
Clinical Social Worker

Since 1989 we’ve been providing reliable, experienced, confidential and user friendly services in our present location in the Spokane Valley in eastern Washington state. People come from Couer d’Alene, Post Falls, Spokane, Cheney, even as far as from Seattle and Bozeman to see us for private counseling.
Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Early evening appointments are available.

We take most health insurances and are preferred providers on many.

New patients can be seen within the week. Appointments can be made right away. Many issues can be solved in a few sessions.

Once therapy is completed clients tell us “I hope you’re around forever, because if I ever need help again I want to come back here………”

If you are troubled in your life we can help. “Mary” and “Jim’s” marriage was in trouble. “Sally” was seriously depressed and not able to manage in her work or her personal life. “Catherine” was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks that kept her from going about her life. “Bob” was so stressed by a difficult work environment that he couldn’t sleep and was becoming a problem not only to himself but to his wife and family too.

We are marriage counselors.  We’ve been able to help and can help you in your difficult situation. There is help and there is hope to get back on track in your life.