Rob Neils, Ph.D.

Rob Neils, Ph.D.

Rob Neils Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Robert Neils

Dr. Rob Neils

The sage says, “When you love your job you never have to go to work again.” I look forward each day to coming in to “work ” – actually it’s not so much “work ” it is my passion and calling.

I love helping people. It’s fun… and meaningful.

Before earning my Ph.D. as a Clinical Psychologist, I’d worked as an Assistant Professor at Montana State University. I worked as the Chief Psychologist at Eastern State Hospital. I also give public speeches and conduct workshops in Spokane, all around the western United States and southern British Columbia.

I’m in my my sixties so I’ve learned a lot by helping people through the many years I’ve been a therapist. There’s hardly a diagnostic category or a type of problem I haven’t encountered once or twice by now, so I’m good at conducting therapy effectively and efficiently with a bit of fun and humor too! With competency comes the skill not only to help quickly, but to also help kindly.

I know it can be scary at first to come in and talk to a “complete stranger” about deep hurts and private matters, but I’m friendly, supportive and a good listener so it’s usually not more than a few minutes before new clients are comfortable and on their way to getting what they’ve come in for.

During the first session I’m not only concerned as a professional about making an accurate diagnosis and formulating an effective treatment plan – I’m also keenly aware that the person before me needs to know there’s hope. With the courage to look into one’s life comes the hope that it can be changed for the better and I help that happen.

Often clients say, “I wish I’d have come in earlier.” There’s no need to suffer through something that can be changed… even if it’s only changeable by the attitude you take towards it.

There’s no time like now to take charge of your life and get it back like you’d like it.

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