Dr. Rob Neils C.V.

Dr. Rob Neils C.V.

Dr. Robert Neils

Dr. Rob Neils

Dr. Rob Neils is a clinical psychologist in Spokane, Washington at North Pines Counseling. He has been helping people with grief-work since he conducted what was probably the first group psychotherapy with terminally ill persons ever done in the United States. He wrote the first doctoral dissertation on the treatment of grief. He found that surviving spouses in the acute stages of grief benefited from reading this document and the book, How to Survive the Loss of a Love, by Peter McWilliams.

Dr. Neils helps persons who are experiencing anxiety, depression and grief during life crises, transitions, separations, losses and catastrophic illness. He uses short-term, problem-oriented therapy with humor, stories, myths, experiences and respectful wisdom.

Dr. Neils earned his B.A. degree from Valparaiso University with a double majors in psychology and philosophy. He then entered the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago where he studied pastoral care and systematic theology for three years. Leaving the seminary, he earned a Master’s degree in Psychology, Guidance and Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. From there he became the Human Resource Development Specialist with the Cooperative Extension Service at Montana State University where he conducted grief workshops for more than 70,000 persons.

He then attended the California School of Professional Psychology at Fresno and earned his doctorate in professional clinical psychology. After serving a nine-month field placement on a cancer ward in Fresno, he came to Spokane for a one-year internship at Eastern State Hospital. After completing this internship he stayed on as a psychologist and worked on most all of Eastern’s many units. He became chief psychologist.

Presently Dr. Neils is a licensed, professional, clinical psychologist in private practice at North Pines Counseling (npc.com). He has been a consultant to Spokane Hospice and hospices across southern British Columbia and a medical expert for Social Security Disability and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. He served on the board of the Spokane Memorial Association for decades. He continues to have a special interest in helping grieving persons cope with losses.